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“Source of inspiration for me is my impressions by nature refracted through the “magic crystal” of the world art”.
( A. Remnev)

I am born in Yachroma, city nearby Moscow. Yachroma is located on hills between several small rivers, fields, forest and villages, the railway to Dmitrov-city near by, and the channel of the Moscow and the Volga rivers. The different levels of the landscape, the ships crossing on and on the channel and the trains along it, this was what I saw since my earliest childhood through the window of my house. It was a view like a picture and later one I thought that this view has something of the Brueghel’s paintings. I was surrounded by beautiful nature and extraordinary people. I still believe that this was the richest source for my further inspiration to become an artist.
During my studies in the museum of Spaso – Andronikov Monastery of Moscow, I copied the best samples of Old Russian paintings of the 15-17 centuries. At the same time I worked on my own paintings.
During this period of time I had finally created my individual art technique, which is combination of methods of the Russian medieval icon painters and the 18th century Russian painters. Source for my inspiration and art technique were also the composition methods of
the art group ” World of art ‘(Mir iskusstva) and the Russian constructivism. Using Renaissance recipes I work with hand-made colors and use natural pigments mixed with the egg yolk.
via Официальный сайт художника Андрея Ремнёва | artist Andrey V. Remnjov, Official Site