Saturday March 9, 2013
Babe Ruth had to step up to the plate many times before he hit his first home run.
We will all fall. This is not a shortcoming, nor is it a mistake. It’s part of the process. We are destined to fall, but we are also all destined to succeed.
Our greatest triumphs often come at the heels of our most painful failures.

Stealin’Home, second album by English rock band Babe Ruth, published in 1975

01. It’ll Happen In Time (Dave Hewitt/Janita Haan) – 5:34
02. Winner Takes All (Bernie Marsden) – 4:01
03. Fascination (Ed Spevock) – 6:01
04. 2000 Sunsets (Janita Haan) – 3:43
05. Elusive (Ed Spevock/Steve Gurl) – 6:41
06. Can You Feel It (Dan Seals/John Bettis/Troy Seals) – 4:12
07. Say No More (Bernie Marsden) – 2:39
08. Caught At The Plate (Steve Gurl) – 2:52
09. Tomorrow (Joining Of The Day) (Janita Haan) – 5:03
Babe Ruth/Stealin’ Home – Babe Ruth- AllMusic