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The manor originates in 1848, when it was built to replace the previous home on the site which had fallen into disrepair. The original manor dates back centuries earlier and residents included the famous poet John Milton in the 1600’s.

However the manor has remained empty since the last inhabitant passed away in 1987. It now barely stands, with lifetimes worth of belongings becoming steadily buried among the rubble of the falling ceilings, stairs, and floors.

The house is full to the brim of both old furniture and personal paperwork – anything from handwritten letters (in this case dated 14/2/40) to official documents, baptism certificates and party invitations. All hints at past lives lived and forgotten.

The library is perhaps the manor’s finest room, containing hundreds of books from light reading to encyclopaedias, instructional pamphlets to copies of Life magazine, modern novels to books published in the 1700’s.

That the current owners care so little as to let such a beautiful and historical collection rot and disintergrate is almost criminal. Worse still, the structure is likely to give way before the books perish in their cases, burying them in the rubble.

via Silent Manor on Behance.