lexander Davidovich (in France – Sacha) Zaliouk was born in 1887 in small Jewish shtetl Radomyshl (Kiev province, Ukraine). From 1904 to 1910 he studied painting at the Odessa Art School. In 1910 he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, but was expelled (due to "Jewish" quote) already one month later. He returned to Odessa, 11749153_sz2where he began contributing to Odessa magazins "Crocodile" (1911-1912), "South Week" (1912-1913) and newspaper "South Night" (from 1911), published his drawings and illustrations in "Odessa Stage Revue" (1912). His working pseudonym at that time was "Sasha" (Sacha), "Sash" or "A.Z.". From 1908 to 1912 Zaliouk participated in the exhibitions of the Society of "South Russian Artists"

fter 1912 the artist left Odessa for Paris, where he completed his art studies at the Parisian Ecole des Beaux-Arts. According to Odessa newspapers of the mid-1910s, Zaliouk enlisted himself as volunteer of the French Army and…

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