Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1969
Guerrero Province, Mexico, 1963
Western Skies Motel, Colorado, 1978
America, 1956
Utah, 1960
Reflection - 42nd Street, NY, 1952
New York, 1962
Billboard Painter, NY, 1952
Reflection, 3rd Avenue, 1952
New York, 1972
Bridge Reflection, Venice, 1955
Doge's Palace, Venice, 1955
Mandala Mudra Prayer Beads, India, 1974
Autumn Maple Leaves, Kyoto, Japan, 1981
Kumano Waterfall, Japan, 1983
Japan, 1983

In every artist there is poetry. In every human being there is the poetic element. We know, we feel, we believe. As knowers we are like the scientist relating through logical determination. As feelers, we are like poets relating the unrelated through intuition. As believers, we are only accepting our human limitations. The artist must express the summation of his feeling, knowing, believing through the unit of his life and work. One cannot photograph art. One can only live in the unity of his vision, as well as in the breadth of his humanity, vitality and understanding.
There is no formula – only man with his conscience speaking, writing and singing in the new hieroglyphic language of light and time.
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