From familiarly mundane, to something else entirely. These soothingly colourful landscapes transforming at night, evolving into infinite mystery. You find yourself on some obscure dirt road somewhere, nowhere. You breathe the slightly dusty night air, and you feel enveloping darkness laying down on you, loving you in that moment.  And all you can do is marvel, marvel at the vastness of it all, all that uncertainty, all that mystery, close enough to smell.

These are from another one of my many badly neglected projects. At the moment it’s all about ‘Nowhereville’, as it can only be. How strange for me as my life’s been one drawn out struggle with the very concept of focus, or more accurately, the lack of it. Always ten different roads, ten different directions badly travelled. And now this is all I can see, this one project, this one stretch of road.  Maybe it’s because…

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