I’m reading 20 classic, modern-classic or cult books in 2011. Read more about this project here.

Why did I want to read it?

I only heard of Angela Carter, strangely, when I started my doctorate and attended a seminar about one of the stories in The Bloody Chamber. It included a hand-out with an extract of the story. Feminist, erotic fairytales with layers of socio-political meaning, written in an enjoyable, playful manner – they sounded like heaven. I was also, recently, looking for something allegorical to read as part of a mini-research task within my thesis. I decided to go with Angela Carter, but I didn’t mind which text. I just wanted a taste of her. I came across Heroes and Villains for just $5.50 in Berkelouw Books, Newtown, and it seemed perfect.

When was it published?

Heroes and Villains was first published in 1969. My edition is a 1986

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