View of chimney-pots, gables and artist's skylights from Room 26
Tabac Opposite Palais De Justice
Cambridge.A view of Gables and Chimney-Pots
Boat off Rock Harbour, Cape Cod

“Although my mother is known primarily for her semi-autobiographical novel The Bell Jar and her poetry – particularly her last collection, Ariel, published posthumously in 1965 following her suicide on 11 February 1963 – her passion for art permeated her short life. Her early letters and diary notes and poems were often heavily decorated, and she hoped that her drawings would illustrate the articles and stories that she wrote for publication.”

via Lines of beauty: the art of Sylvia Plath | Books | The Observer.
Sam Leith on Sylvia Plath’s drawings | Books | The Guardian.
Images taken from The Mayor Gallery.