He is known to have said- I begin with a good idea and mold towards genius-2010,graphite on paper,36''x36''
Catherine the Great may have demanded loyalty but only orchids received his love- 2010,graphite on paper,36''x36''
Himself mourning himself made for an awkward wake, 2010,graphite on paper,36''x36''
A black eye from a banker at a banker’s funeral was a sign of disrespect, but he stayed anyway, 2010,graphite on paper,48''x48''
An iron roller coaster rose out of the tundra and quite a few wondered why but no one said a word 2010,graphite on paper,48''x48''
Best way to protect your garden from the goddamn crows? Hire a marionette 2010,graphite on paper,48''x48''
He chose to raise Orchids, and spurned Catherine the Great's advances 2010,graphite on paper, 68''x58''