da lontano un uomo
piccole mani da gigante,
sguardo fiero, sorriso gentile

Opera del Caso # 4

The Mechanic, 1920, by Leger Fernand
Le Moteur, by Fernand Leger

Fernand Leger (1881-1955), met Braque and Pablo Picasso in 1910 and eventually from his early block-life figures evolved , by c.1917, a form of curvilinear Cubism, dependent on the dynamic shapes of machinery and their geometrical bases: cones, cylinders, cogged wheels, pistons, and brilliant metallic surfaces. These forms also influenced his massive, robot- like figures, and increased the effect of his clear greys and his strong, unbroken colors. He designed for the Swedish Ballet in 1921-2, and in 1924 made the first abstract film, ‘Le Ballett Mecanique’, from actual objects, not animated abstract drawings as had been used by Eggeling and Ritcher some seven years earlier. Among his last works were the huge murals for the UN building in New York. He also made a set of stained- glass windows for the Sacre Coeur , Andincourt, nr.Belfort (Doubs)
There are works in Edinburg, London (Tate), New York (M of MA), Paris (Mus.d’Art Moderne), and there is a Musee Leger at Biot, Cote d’Azur
[taken from The Dictionary of Art and Artists, Peter and Linda Murray, Penguin, 1959]